子曰:"君子谋道不谋食。耕也,馁在其中矣;学也,禄在其中矣。君子忧道不忧贫。  (The Analytics, Chapter 15, verse 31)

Confucius says that the truly good person works towards the way or truth and does not work only for food. Plough and there may still be hunger; learn and there may be emolument to be paid to you as an official. But the truly good person worries about the way and does not worry lest poverty should come upon him.

In other words, moral persons are focusing on the DAO. Such persons are to protect and maintain and educate towards moral value and to stimulate the people’s endless compassion for the DAO. The truly good person “worries about the DAO” rather than his own financial situation. To be concerned about the DAO is to be actively involved in society so as to enhance the spirit of the people about their circumstance. This is the way integrated with loving kindness.