Children's Paradise

Children's Paradise is a migrant school located in Fengxian, Shanghai. You Dao has a long history of partnership with the Principal, Mr. Jin in helping children from poor and needy family to attend this school.

In the past, You Dao have been financially support Summer Camp for 2008 and 2009. At the same time, You Dao also organise children from this school to attend various event e.g. Christmas Party, Sports Day etc. Currently You Dao has link up the school with Yew Cheung International school in providing schoolarship to migrant children who can not afford to go the school.


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On 24th October , the Shanghai Cricket Club hosted 32 teams from all over Asia in their International Cricket Sixes competition.

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You Dao has had a long partnership with Principal Jin’s School.

Dictionaries for Yong An and Children’s Paradise

You Dao donated about 1200 dictionaries, one to each student in these migrant schools.