Lend Lease & True Vision Eye Care Activity for the Migrant Children

On November 3rd, You Dao Foundation supported an activity between Lend Lease and True Vision Eye Care in Jiading to inspect young students’ eyes and promote eye care awareness.
At 11am on November 3rd, volunteers from Lend Lease and True Vision arrived at the Jiading District primary school to setup equipment for the activity. At 12pm, the activity started and medical professionals started to administer eye examines to 93 first-year primary students. Under the guidance of the volunteers, all the students patiently lined up outside and waited for the doctors to see them. All of the students held a piece of paper for the doctors to record their individual results. In another room, the students played a game with the volunteers to learn more about proper eye care and personal hygiene. After the eye care exams ended, Lend Lease presented the students with small gifts and awards. True Vision also donated an eye chart to the school for the students to use. They also promised to make return visits to the school to checkup on the students’ eye care.
Thank you to Lend Lease and True Vision for supporting this wonderful activity. Through this activity not only did the students get their eyes inspected but also learned valuable lessons about protecting their eyes and health. The school will continue to work with parents and students to promote health awareness and encourage the importance of healthy eyes for studying and learning.