2016 You Dao Sports Day

On November, 20th, 2016, You Dao Foundation once again hosted the Migrant Children Youth Sports Day. The event was sponsored by 8 companies with more than 130 volunteers and 100 migrant children were invited from one of the Qingpu primary school .
Many volunteers arrived at the site early to set up for the big event. In the early afternoon, the companies and children arrived at the site. It was quite a sight to behold once all of the companies and children lined up near the event area. Chairman Compton gave an opening speech and introduced the head coach of the club, Micken.
Micken explained the rules for the event and that under the guidance of the coaches each team would get to play football, baseball, cricket, and volleyball. Each team then went to start their first event as cheers of joy and laughter filled the sports fields. After a set amount of time, the teams would stop playing one sport and rotate to play a new sport with new coaches teaching them the basics.
It didn’t matter if the volunteers were company executives, employees or You Dao volunteers, everyone forgot their age and played with the passion of an energetic child. Everyone had a great time sharing the moment. The volunteers gave back to the community and shared a memorable day with the child. All of the children learned some new things about sports and also learned how to play together and communicate.
At the end of the day, the students enjoyed a nice meal and happily waved good-bye to the volunteers.
At the end, Chairman Compton provided a certificate to each corporate team and thanked them for their time and support. All of the company volunteers also took part in the raffle drawing at the end. It was a great event for everyone involved.
A special thank you to all of the volunteers and the companies who helped make this event possible, including:
Qingpu Ming Tian Private School
Ingredion China Limited
Lendlease Project Management & Construction (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Winsales Asia
J. Walter Thompson Shanghai
Nexans (China) Wires & Cables Co., Ltd.
Shanghai McCormick Foods Co., Ltd
FedEX Express
Boston Scientific
Shanghai Rugby & Football Club
Thank you FastFish Apparel Co.,Ltd for sponsoring T-shirts of the event.
Thank you Swiss Oriental Ltd. for sponsoring the gifts to the migrant students who participated the event.
Feedback from Volunteers:
---I am Kailey, I was helping prize counting and was responsible for the sales and the drawing of raffle tickets. I felt so proud of myself because I sold above 30 raffle tickets. I also persuaded my mom to buy some raffle tickets wishing that I could win something. Even though I didn't win anything at last, but I still feel happy because I helped the migrant kids to have a better education.
---I am Norman, my main responsibilities were to be a substitute player for the corporate team and distributing gifts to the students at the end of the day. Even though the children were new to many of those sports, they learnt and played with great enthusiasm and I was touched by their sportsmanship as well! I had a brilliant day with them.
Feedbacks from participated corporates
We were very pleased to join You Dao for the afternoon sporting event. Our 24 volunteers enjoyed all of the activities and we feel the children can learn a lot through the competitive sports and also enjoy themselves. - Fedex
Although the weather was cloudy and hazy, the children still enjoyed getting outside and engaging in great sports. We hope that our volunteers provided great help to the children and also hope the sports will strengthen them and increase cooperation. We also hope that we brought them positive memories.
This is the 5th year that Nexus has participated in the games. Nothing is more important than sharing and giving back to the community. Our volunteers and the children played in 5 different games together. There was great interaction between our volunteers and the children. The children had a great time and learned a lot about cooperation from the team activities.
Despite the rain, everyone had a great time laughing and running around outside. After the games, everyone had a great meal. The corporate teams shared stories about the achievements of the past 10 years of helping these wonderful children. For our loyal support, we were awarded a commemorative certificate in recognition of our help and support.