Family Day for the scholarship Students with MSD

On November 27 and December 11, 2016, You Dao Foundation held a Family Day event for the scholarship students with MSD China Holding Co., Ltd. at the Shao Nong Kindergarten in Jiading District and Jin Jia Kindergarten in Qingpu District. There were about 80 people attending the event, including 46 volunteers from MSD and 16 families of the scholarship students.
As it was their first time to attend such activity, the parents and kids from 16 migrants families were so excited that they arrived at the kindergarten very early in the morning. And the teachers of the kindergarten were very supportive; they were there early and helped with the preparations for the event earnestly.
There were all kinds of interesting and colorful activities in the event. DIY with ultra-light clay was one of the indoor activities. With instructions and help from volunteers and the parents, the children created all kinds of artworks of animals, which were designed differently and were very interesting. The children were filled with a strong sense of accomplishment for what they made.
The next activity was to make pictures with leaves, which fully stimulated the children’s colorful imagination. After some time, a variety of images appeared on the pictures, there were jumping ballet dancer, beautiful daffodils and lively golden fish… Everyone enjoyed it very much.
It was time for outdoor parent-child activity which was the happiest time for the children, and a temporary retreat for the parents from pressure of life, and a valuable opportunity to play with their children. This part was indeed the climax of the event.
There was a lecture about Children’s Safety and Health presented by Li Yang from EHS,enviroment health and safety of MSD, which gave detailed and practical introduction on how to prevent children from accidental injury and keep them safe. It was very useful for the families who have children.
The last part of the event was snack time and volunteers gave each child a gift. The children thanked the volunteers happily. The Family Day event ended to everyone’s satisfaction with happiness.
Thank you to volunteers from MSD for accompanying the children for such an unforgettable and happy time, also thank you to the Shao Nong Kindergarten and Jin Jia Kindergarten for supporting this successful activity.